Another Mommy Life-Saver!

Being a mom is hard work. I love to find and share products that make my life easier, and this is one that I should have purchased a long time ago!

I feel I am always choosing between playing with my kids or cleaning the house- not being able to do both in a day makes me feel inadequate! BUT I found the best thing to help with both of these aspects.

Brian and I went back and forth about a robotic vacuum for years, always concluding that they were too expensive and we could just do the vacuuming ourselves. Fast forward some time, and 3 kids later, we realized we did not want to prioritize cleaning over strengthening relationships with our kids. We decided to give a robot a try, landing on theΒ Deebot Vacuum.

IT IS AMAZING! And worth every penny!

It has been a few weeks and I feel like I accomplish so much! I can play with my kids, go swimming, or go to the grocery store AND vacuum my house. I just set it up in the room I want, push the button and close the door. About 45 minutes later, I dump the tray and move it to another room. So easy!

For our main level, we run it at night 3 times a week. A handy-dandy app lets Brian and I schedule the cleaning. It runs while we sleep and docks itself back to charge as it needs to. Just be sure that all cords are off the floor. We have found it stuck in the office blind cords a time or two!

This is seriously one of the best purchases Brian and I have made. I am not sure why it took so long for us to pull the trigger, but man it exceeded our expectations! Vacuuming is one less thing I have to spend time on- and I love that the time I save allows me to focus more on creating memories with my kids (I mean who wouldn’t want to snuggle these cuties!)

We purchased our Ecovac Deebot 79S from Amazon (if you do not have an Amazon prime account, go here). You can even sync it up with Alexa (Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are on sale for Father’s Day weekend)!

I also found them at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s (on sale right now!), and Wayfair.

My only ‘complaint’, if I had to make one, is the erratic pattern in which the Deebot vacuums. I like straight lines and order, the crazy criss-cross bothers me, but hey I’ll take the craziness for the extra time any day!

Deebot 3

Sometimes I am pretty amazed at how something so small (and it seems kind of silly I am talking about a robotic vacuum) has changed my life. I used to feel great as a mom because I spent the day outside or painting with the kids, but not a good housewife because the house looked a mess. Or I was a great housewife that day spending time cleaning and organizing, but not a good mom. With this robotic addition, I accomplish both- even just for a little bit- and it has made a big difference on the way I feel about myself, both as a mom and a wife.

You guys have been with me long enough to know that I continually struggle with my feelings of inadequacy in a lot of different facets- so I am sharing something that Brian and I should have bought a long time ago. Because at the end of the day, it makes me feel like I can check multiple items off of my daily task list, and it allows me to be a better version of myself because I interacted with my children.

So the next time you tell yourself you can do it all, and you don’t need a silly little robot to make yourself feel better…stop and think how nice it would be to not have to worry about cleaning your floors, and how nice it feels when you focus on yourself and your family instead!


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