My Why

My Why in life has always and will always be my family. They are my reason for every choice I have made and will make, including starting this blog. Promptings to begin a journal repeatedly played in my head for years and I am taking the first step at recovery and admitting that I am THE WORST at taking care of myself. I put others first and get joy out of seeing others happy. This is a chance for me to put myself first which will in turn help me to provide for my family as my best self. So here goes nothing…

I am excited to share my thoughts, experiences, social work expertise (eek!), and new-found Stella & Dot adventure! As a new transplant to San Francisco, finding myself is more important than ever. We made this leap not knowing anything about the area, but are blessed to find the house we have, the ward we are in, and the friends we have made so far.

Brian is my wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally (even when the days are long and I have yet to shower!). He is my best friend and confidant. He is the best daddy to our 2 children, exuding playfulness and genuine love for them. Paisley is our firecracker threenager with the amazing ability to show empathy towards others and loves experiencing the joy in life. Carson came into our lives in August and has not stopped moving since (which may or may not impede his sleeping!). I go back and forth wanting him to grow up quickly so he can join in on the fun with Paisley, but also do not want to lose this baby phase yet! We have 2 dogs, Beau and Hunter, who are the best dogs we could have asked for and have willingly accepted “second-class citizen” status since Paisley and Carson have come along.

Along with the new adventure of San Fran life, I made the transition to stay at home mom status after Carson was born. Seriously the hardest job of my life and also the most rewarding! I would not trade the chance to experience all the joys and bumps that come with this blessing. Although I absolutely love staying at home with my kiddos, I do envision a play therapy based private practice in my future. My passion for children continues to develop while I am home, and the chance to resume individual and family therapy excites me. Everyone always asks how I ever did my previous job, and my response always was “Knowing that I might be the only positive relationship that child or family has is enough to negate all the other junk that comes with the job.”

As if a cross-country move and transitioning to a stay at home mom was not enough ‘new’ all at once, I also signed up as an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot. This position brings a whole lot of challenge that was missing when I resigned from therapeutic work and a whole lot of fun too! I get to play dress up with amazing jewelry and accessories, all while empowering others to find their joy and their why. It is something that is just for me and helps push myself outside of the tiny bubble I tend to gravitate towards. I cannot wait to see what the S&D puzzle piece adds to the full picture.

There you have it…another blog from a Stay at Home Mom, DIY do-er, former Clinical Social Worker, child lover, and Stella & Dot entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do. It sure will bring surprises, trials, joys and everything in between. Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride…I know I will!



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