Tender Mercy Tuesday

As I sit here relishing in the fact that Carson was in bed by 6pm and Paisley by 7:30pm (mommy win!) This momma is exhausted and ready for the hubby to get home! It started like any other Tuesday, a mad dash to get the To Do list started and something accomplished before we headed off to Tuesday swim lessons. Laundry was started, dishes were done and kiddos were happily playing in the living room. Carson went down for his first nap, perfect time to prep snacks, get Paisley in her swim suit and everything ready to go.

Then boom…Carson up after ONLY 45 minutes! Cue mommy tears and bump number one! There goes the smooth morning. Now it was a rush to nurse Carson, get myself ready for the pool and change both kiddos before heading out the door in time to get to the pool, unpack everything, lather them in sunscreen and try to entertain a wiggly 10 month old for 30 minutes.

Safe to say I made it, and Hunter was only attacked by Carson a few times! As I loaded up the car with everything but the kitchen sink (for real though, babies and young kiddos require WAY too much equipment), I looked in the backseat…no carseat for Carson…the second bump in my plan! (Please say I’m not the only one who has packed the ENTIRE car before realizing that it was a huge waste of time!) Brian and I joke about this exact instance all the time, now that it happened it is not at all funny. A complete derailing of any and all plans I had today. But this wasn’t going to ruin my day! Cue the hillbilly blow up pool in the backyard for the win.

Seriously though, blowup pool for the EPIC win! Paisley did not once show signs of being upset. She was so excited that I was getting in the pool too that she completely forgot about missing swim lessons! It felt rewarding to share the joy she and Carson felt splashing and blowing bubbles without another care in the world. The morning rolled smooth all the way through lunch. Even after naps, the evening was great. Individual play time with each child makes my social worker self oh so happy. That one on one time to give them my entire focus and help them develop and grow is what I strive for every day, but I feel it rarely happens how I want it to. Transition to dinner and bedtime, again surprisingly smooth and easy (knocking on wood as I type that). Seriously, a wonderful day to spend with my kiddos. And to think it all started with that dang disaster of an early morning and ruining of plans!

Going back to reflecting on my day, I cannot help know that this day was meant to happen. A refocus on what matters most in my life was due. Talk about a big ol’ tender mercy slap in the face. I needed it. If you have no idea what I am talking about check out what a tender mercy is here! A read so full of truth and goodness it’s hard not to share.

I have been so focused on the upkeep of the house and figuring out how to schedule my life that I am missing these rare and special moments of meeting with my children; the ENTIRE reason I am home.

A reminder that chores can wait, dishes can wait, laundry can wait. A reminder to put the phone down. A reminder to play. A reminder to savor the struggles and stubbornness of my wonderful daughter, because she is learning to speak up for herself and becoming her own person. A reminder that Carson is watching and learning and needing me every day. A reminder that today is in the here and now, every moment that passes is gone and if not spent in that moment is wasted.  A reminder that this is my why, my everything, my family.

Thanks to God for the lessons learned today of patience, flexibility and spontaneity. Don’t get me wrong, swim lessons would have been wonderful and filled with its own joys and moments of meeting, but I am so grateful for this tender mercy that fell in my lap today. Something that was needed and is now appreciated.

Found a good quote to end my day “This moment will never come again. ENJOY IT.” ~anonymous

Happy Tender Mercy Tuesday


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