Our Own Renovation Reality

Operation Backyard Oasis has officially begun…which means our backyard is a complete DISASTER!

Coming from Kansas City it is hard to see a backyard without grass, which began the fall of the dominoes. I feel this is how all projects start, one simple request …then the list exponentially increases. Why just sod the space we had, why not make it more usable? The patio has cracks in it, so let’s get a new one. And while we are at it let’s try and contain the mulch landslide that creeps its way ALL OVER the patio and my house with each dog trip outside. Here are some before pics just to give you the idea:


Now you can see what a desolate backyard it is! Mulch and rocks for DAYS!

The backyard debate was halted for a week or so when Brian came to the realization that this work could not be done by us, we had to hire it out (which also crushed his dream of trading the jet skis for a boat…again). Trust me we did our diligence, looked it up, tried to talk ourselves into tearing out the patio ourselves and trenching a retaining wall…after about an hour we quickly realized that this was not going to happen. Maybe before kiddos this could have been a possibility, but because we wanted to get a new patio sometime this decade we began searching for a contractor.

Have you ever heard of Thumbtack? This app is awesome and was introduced to us by some new friends in the ward. You put in a description of the work you want done and the contractors send you bids. You can include pictures, detailed drawings and even set up times for them to come to the house. We tried it out and after 4 ridiculous, or what seemed like ridiculous bids, we found Marco. He seemed super professional and knew what he was talking about and said he could get it done in about 4 days. WAY quicker then we could do, so we signed emptied the boat fund and he got to work.

Marco showed up bright and early before 7am the first day and basically went non-stop until he was done, 4 days later. The equipment Marco used was MASSIVE and I swear more than once he almost took out he roof line at least twice (which I was somewhat hoping he would, so I could get an accordion glass door along the back of the house), but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. No new door for me.

It is pretty impressive the skill needed to operate one of these excavators. I found myself staring at the crew loading up the truck.  Carson loved the view, too. Future engineer perhaps? Or a simple fascination with trucks and wheels?


Heres a pic at the end of day 3 with the concrete poured, pergola stands in place, and wall posts are in.

Next up is wall boards, grading the dirt and back filling the retaining wall to prep for mulch and flowers/plants. Then topsoil, sod and the BEST part of all, the pergola.

The pergola will be my favorite improvement to the house! I cannot wait to get this plan on my house. And seriously, if you have not heard of or checked out ana-white.com you NEED to. This site is AMAZING and I swear half our furniture in the house was built using different plans from that site. She makes it super simple, like a grocery list for you hardware store. For real though, check it out if you have ever thought about trying any DIY project.

Stay tuned for future updates and probably some awesome bloopers once the pergola construction begins! Can’t wait to transform this backyard wasteland to a backyard oasis!




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