Lake trips are all about fun times and strengthening relationships (anyone see a theme from my last few posts??) But packing for these ” day trips” always starts days in advance with grocery store runs, laundry cycles and multiple prayers the jetskis and trailer lights work! With kids it feels like we bring our ENTIRE house and inevitably always forget something. This time luckily it only seemed to be a bag for all our snack trash.

Friday night was a frenzy with Brian coming home from work and trying to make sure we had suits, sunscreen, hats that kids won’t keep on, shoes that get sand in them, and food they “don’t like”. All of this coupled with Brian having to clean the church made for a crazy night of packing. This does not include the time spent crossing our fingers, eyes and toes hoping the jet skis would start (which they did! Hooray!)

Being our first #lakelife adventure here in Cali we tried out Lake Berryessa, which is a bit unnerving not knowing what to expect (and I feel kids make it that much more important to find a good beach for playing and non-rocky water play). Brian, in all his engineering ways did some research, talked to a few park rangers and found what we hoped was the best spot on the lake to set up camp. The drive was gorgeous, about an hour away and winding through the wineries towards Napa (sorry no pics…when I say winding, I mean some hairpin turns and me needing to focus on the road…ugh), but a nice view the entire way.

The launch was a success, both jetskis started up and Paisley even wanted to ride with me on one (afterwards screaming and shaking until we started going). She pointed out rocks and trees and ducks as we cruised around waiting on Brian to park and set up our camp for the day. For those who know her and her somewhat random fear of loud noises, she did amazing! And even let me go “fast”. Ha.


PS – If you don’t have a beach tent you should get one. This one from Coleman is awesome, provides enough shade for the babes and coolers without being too much of a pain. We use it every time we go to the lake and have taken it to the pool. We love it!

After setting up starts the usual #lakelife events, playing in the sand and water, reminding Paisley to brush off her feet since she took her shoes off, riding around on the jetskis, taking turns wrangling Carson from eating dirt, seashells and mud…the usual. All in all a great day filled with laughter, splashing, swimming and only a little bit of crying…and one jetski breaking down, stranding our new friends (sorry guys!!) in the middle of the lake for 20 minutes…and losing one anchor (drifted away in the mud??). Dad – please don’t judge us. 🙂 We promise we know what we’re doing! Ha.

Anyway…enough of me talking, check out this video Brian put together from the numerous GoPro videos we managed to take while there! So glad we are blessed with friends who like to hang out, the means to make our own memories with our family and share a fun time with them. Enjoy!


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