Renovation Reality: Desk

I have mentioned previously that my hubby is super handy. And I am proud to display the newest creation. A bit of a tag team, re-purposed project this time.

The first version of this desk was built for our office prior to having kiddo #2. Brian altered these plansΒ a bit to fit our room and instead of open shelving on the end cubbies, he converted them into drawers and a file cabinet.

Prior to Carson making his entrance, and Brian finishing up the basement we needed to move the office, as Paisley needed her “big girl room”. The middle divider got a coat of paint and still serves as a shelf/dresser in her room. We moved the file cabinets to the basement office nook and playroom, along with the desk top. Both created custom work areas in the office and art area of the playroom.

With the move, we needed yet another transformation of our office furniture. Our house here in California doesn’t have a separate office space, so we needed a sleek piece of furniture that would complement our master bedroom pieces, handy hubby to the rescue again. A quick coat of paint for the file cabinets, a new stained desk top, and a printer cart (Brian’s next project he may or may not know about yet) set up the third version in a little over a year for the desk.

Now, I only have to convince him to make me(us) this TV consoleΒ and we’ll be set!



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