Flashback Friday-Tahoe Style

It has taken me a while to get to this post…we took this trip almost 3 months ago! But so glad I uploaded these pictures, Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous! And I cannot wait to go back to do some more exploring.

Over Memorial Day we had the privilege of driving up to Heber, Utah and surprising my grandma for her and my grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary. On the way back we treated ourselves to a quick (too quick) visit to South Lake Tahoe. It is definitely on our list of places we want to go back and visit. Our pictures don’t do it justice, as with most pictures. BUT it was a blast!

The next trip will include a couple’s skydive in Tahoe (right babe?) ha!

I’ll let the pictures do all the talking!

PS-the B.O.B stroller went up a mountain and back down, no prob (the kiddos even slept the entire hike up!) If you’re looking for a double jogger, it should definitely be on your list. AMAZING!!

Happy Friday!


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