Sundays Are Made for Bubbles

Every Saturday night, Brian and I struggle with the decision to sleep in Sunday morning or wake up before the and get ready for church. And for the past two weeks we have made the effort to get up a little earlier.

Sunday mornings typically are stressful in our house, trying to get the kids dressed and fed prior to church. And usually its a DISASTER! Getting two kids ready plus ourselves is a hassle, but these past few weeks we have been getting up before the kiddos. This helps us stay sane and keep the spirit in the home prior to going to church, which makes for a better all-around Sabbath Day experience! (You should try it)

Today, we ended our Sabbath Day with a little indoor bubble play before the transition to lunch and nap time. So much fun and made things that much more enjoyable.

Seriously, sometimes it is the little things that make life better. And if you don’t have bubbles, you should get some. Kids go nuts for them (and they make teaching deep breathing so easy and fun! win-win in my book!)

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