A Night of Lights

Last night was a pretty great, easy family night! We met Brian at the Oakland LDS Temple after work and prepared for our family light night. So fun!

We ate at a place called Sparky’s Giant Burgers, a little hole in the wall place in Oakland that was surprisingly delicious. Their curly fries were the perfect side to all our burgers!

First light stop was the Oakland Zoo. Got there right as they opened and it wasn’t too crowded. There was a cute little light show put on every 5 minutes or so on the meadow with music and matching lights. My little dancer enjoyed every minute. Only a portion of the zoo is open for lights, and the trail winds around the children’s zoo portion, through the open park grass area and back towards the main entrance. We were surprised to see Santa, but it was perfect. Minimal line and neither kiddo cried! Win-win


Carson was a bit hesitant, but sat right on his lap put his binkie in to refrain from crying and didn’t take his eyes off of him! Santa did get a high five and “bye-bye” when we left. Paisley told Santa she wanted Barbies for Christmas and that Carson wanted Barbies too. ha…she did clarify that he wanted boy Barbies, though.

Next stop was the Oakland LDS Temple. This place is gorgeously lit up during the non-holidays but even more majestic-like this time of year. Every tree and bush has lights running up and through it. There is a nativity set up in the center, highlighting Jesus’ birth, with the temple glowing in the background. It’s perfect. The kiddos loved exploring the temple grounds and checking out the lights. Carson tried to touch every light on his way…every single one. ha.

Enjoy the pictures and hope you have a great Christmas Season! #LIGHTtheWORLD


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