Hey All! Wanted to drop by real quick and let you know how we are doing on the #LIGHTtheWORLD challenge. It hasn’t been easy to remember, and there may have been a day or two that I slipped as a mom…oops…but we’ve done our best and here is what the last two weeks has entailed.

  • Jesus lifted other’s burdens and so can you
    • Paisley did a great job serving her brother and myself today. She helped me put laundry away and cleaned up Carson’s room
  • Honor your parents
    • Because I love family so much, this one was my favorite! We Skyped my dad and younger brother. The kids love when Nate reads them a story over the computer


  • Help others see
    • Again, Paisley to the rescue on this day! When we got to dance class, she paid a nice compliment to her teacher, and then everyone else in the lobby. My social butterfly loves every one, especially if they have a pretty dress on!
  • Jesus worshiped and so can you
    • We attended our church service today, as hard as it is sometimes with two kids! The stress leading up to church always is worth it once we actually get there. One day…years from now we will be able to sit and focus throughout the entirety of it, without having to chase a kid around or go on “walk breaks”
  • Jesus healed the sick
    • In her prayers tonight, Paisley added in a special blessing for those who are sick. You can also sign up to be an organ donor here
  • Read the scriptures
    • Brian and I were really good at reading our scriptures, but lately have been slacking a bit. I decided to restart where we left off and have continued it throughout the last week. When I did, this scripture jumped out at me…and it has a little special meaning to Brian and I. Cue soul searching for us! ha.alma-29-3
    • Paisley is a little young to read scriptures, so we opt for My First Book of Mormon Stories and My First Old TestamentΒ Stories. We need to snag My First New Testament Stories, too!
  • Jesus fed the hungry
    • Mom failed on this today! I fed my hungry kids…does that count? Ha. But the surprise out of this all, is a girlfriend asked if she could bring us dinner and give us some company. Both our hubbies were out of town, so a little girl time plus play date for the kids was what we both needed. Funny how that works out right??
  • Jesus prayed for others
    • Being consistent in family prayers is something we as a family are working towards. We are really good at saying prayers before dinner and before Paisley goes to bed, but as a whole family, and making them personal are what we need to strive for. Paisley likes to pray before bed and thanks Heavenly Father for the good day she had and if she had a play date. Teaching our kids to give thanks has been an important lesson in our family
  • Visit the lonely
    • On the kids calendar, the task is to say hello to someone new. Paisley has her father’s outgoing personality, so this comes very easily to her. Anyone she sees at the store or at the park gets a nice hello. Carson is following suit, too. I make a point to at least smile to those I pass…it’s a nice start for my introverted self! Ha!
  • Help people walk
    • I laughed out loud at the kid calendar task…it says to shovel someone’s driveway. We live in California…that’s funny. This one was tough for me to think of something meaningful to do. We invited a friend to take a walk around the park with us this morning. Someone who we thought would need nice conversation and some time out of the house.
  • Jesus ministered to children
    • There were a lot of options with this one. We chose to focus on the one-on-one activities with each child. This is something I think is so important to do with each of our children, just to help them remain aware of the love we have for them as individuals. Brian and I took Paisley to see “Scrooge”, a Christmas Carol Musical put on at the Oakland Interstake Center. She LOVED it! Singing and dancing…and candy!
  • Jesus taught others
    • One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is make caramel popcorn and brown sugar cookies to pass out to neighbors and friends. Even though this is labeled for the 12th, I will be doing this with my kiddos this weekend! My grandma has passed down the recipe to my mom, who passed it down to me and I am teaching Paisley every year. Plus you get to eat the goodies. Win-win!
  • Show humility
    • I am terrible at letting others know how I feel, so this one was incredibly difficult for me. I usually do so by giving or serving. My girlfriends back home are getting together tonight for a girls’ night, so I sent them a little gift and will Facetime them later tonight. I haven’t always been the best friend, or there for all the events but this is something I am striving to do now and be better at!
  • Jesus taught us to clothe the naked
    • Closet cleaning happened for the kids yesterday. It’s Brian and I’s turn today. The clothes we are not keeping will be donated to those in need. I like to find a non-profit organization that helps lower income families. I feel that if I am getting rid of something I no longer want, why should someone else have to pay for it. If you are in Kansas City, check out Operation Breakthrough. They are a preschool that serves the inner city and HeadStart community of Kansas City. Families and children there do not have to pay for the food pantry, clothing, or house goods. Everything donated is offered to those who need it. Those that work there are truly doing it because they want to. The kids are tough, the family situations are hard, but it is worth it. From the teachers to the counseling staff to the custodial and cooks. Every person plays a part in the positive development of the family and kids they serve. Plus the kids are dang cute! (I may be a bit biased, this place was CRAZY but my heart still desires to be back there helping the kiddos!)

With 11 days left, I will keep working on our family’s #LIGHTtheWORLD challenge (and try to take some more pictures! I’m terrible at that!). The most important thing is that this is fun, and brings us closer as a family, as friends and to our Heavenly Father. I love this time of year and what it represents. HAVE FUN!

PS- You can access the full 25 day calendar here,and the children’s version here from a wonderful blogger named Emilie



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