2016 Wrap-Up

In true Kallie fashion, I am about a week or so late to posting my 2016 year in review page! If I was given a dime for every time I was actually on time or early in my life…I might have a dime! ha!

The biggest problem I have with this time of year, is that I do the same thing EVERY YEAR! My January goes great, by about March I start to slip and by June it’s all down hill. I have great intentions to follow through on my goals and resolutions, but often find myself with a lack of internal motivation to stick to it. This year is going to be different. (it has to be right?)

The biggest thing I learned in 2016 is to follow promptings, you know, those small intuitions that come in your head about someone, something. It doesn’t matter how small or large they seem, just act on them. I started this last year with hopping on the social selling team with Stella & Dot. The biggest and scariest decision ever. Many of you have heard my story (if not check out that post here!), and know how much of a fun rollercoaster it has been. By starting this gig I have tried to develop a better attitude about life and the things that happen in it. I have begun to realize that I have the power to change my own attitude and life path (for the most part). The most important thing that has happened is I have made a commitment to live life with intention.

This is my big goal for 2017: Live daily with intention. I have a nice and shiny reminder of that I wear daily (also thanks to Stella & Dot). For some it’s a daily mantra, for others it’s a daily routine. I plan on doing a bit of both.

2016 was filled with a HUGE cross-country move that landed our family in Concord, California. We celebrated Carson’s 1st birthday and Paisley’s 3rd birthday. We also received the news that we’d be welcoming another blessing into our family May 2017!

We’ve made some amazing friends, which has been a great blessing for us (me, especially). Paisley has a good group of friends who she loves to see at the park, have play-dates with and do dance class with.

We also had a blast at the church Halloween party, as well as the friend Halloween party! Paisley chose to be Batgirl for Halloween and family costumes were a huge hit!

We ended the year with a full dose of family and friends. We seriously have made some great connections here and are doing alright!


Here’s to a Fabulous 2017 filled with goal-setting and goal-completing, more family and friends, living with intention and another addition to make this crazy whirlwind called life a little more exciting. Couldn’t be happier for this organized chaos of life I get to have.


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