It’s A…

As I sit here trying to organize my life in my new 2017 Mormon Mom Planner and listening to Luke Bryan on Pandora, I can’t help but get distracted by the little peanut kicking me from the inside (literally, she packs a punch already!)

I figured that’s a sign I should take a break and update those of you who missed our Facebook Live gender reveal! I’m not sure why it took us 3 kids to realize how much more fun it is to celebrate the news with a group of friends. Brian and I both had the awareness that this may be our last babes (don’t hold me to that though…babies are wonderful and I may not be able to resist another…eek!), and we hadn’t done any of the “fun” stuff when I was pregnant with Paisley or Carson. I guess we figured we might as well do it while we can!

The only thing I would change was fly in all our close family and friends (I wish we had the funds to do that!). Experiencing this with our CA friends was a blast, don’t get me wrong. We love and enjoy everyone who was able to make it (and even those who couldn’t!), but how much fun it would have been to have my parents, in-laws, siblings and besties from KC and beyond with me that day!

Anywho…I’m rambling and I know you all want to see my kiddos and than hear me go on and on…so enjoy the video. Brian made a shortened version of our Facebook Live video with the GoPro (seriously get one if you don’t have one, so fun!).

Happy Thursday all. Have a fabulous rest of the day!


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