Yesterday’s Little Blessing

I just have to tell you all what happened yesterday! I am one to stick to routines, follow my motherly instinct, but then also sweat the small stuff (aka: not getting the house clean, not having dinner prepped, worrying about wasting time, etc.). But that was not the case yesterday!

Carson had THE HARDEST time falling asleep yesterday for nap. We dropped Paisley off at preschool and went on a walk around the park to kill some time before pick up. Carson played his little heart out, swinging for the majority of the 20 minutes we were there (HA!). On the way back to the school, he took a little snooze. The sweetest thing for sure! Except it was eerily close to his actual naptime, which in turn threw everything else off.

After lunch we got a surprise visit (it wouldn’t have been a surprise if I would’ve had my phone…sorry Rach!), but it was a wonderful surprise. I haven’t seen this lady in TWO WEEKS and our little chat was well overdue, plus it brought Paisley a friend to play with for a bit before nap – win/win! I kept Carson up as well, since he loves him some Rae Rae time (and baby Brooklyn!), but that was a mistake!

This lead to him crying, throwing his pacis and blanket out of his crib…basically a huge NO THANK YOU from him to his momma. It took me a little under an hour to get him calmed down (I even pulled out the big guns and made him a bottle…don’t tell), and that barely worked. After a while he was so exhausted that he FINALLY laid his head down long enough to fall asleep.

*This is when I did something I have told myself not to do many times!* After this, I couldn’t lay him down. This sweet boy who loves to cuddle, play with trucks and barely sits still…was laying in my arms fast asleep (and snoring in the cutest way, might I add!). So I stayed. I rocked him for the rest of his nap time. I explored every feature of his face. The way his nose is still turned up just slightly. The freckles that are making an appearance ever so slightly in his hairline. His perfect eyebrows and eyelashes. His laugh in his sleep.

In this moment with him, I was relaxed. I thought about the chores or prep work I could have been doing, but didn’t do. I chose to listen to my motherly instinct and stay with my little boy. He needed me in that moment, and so that is where I stayed.

So much floating around about “spoiling” your baby, let them “figure it out”, and all the big grown up ways we say “we just don’t have time for them right now”…but we do and we should. It is our choice to bring these babies – and they are just that, BABIES – into our families. By picking them up when they cry, helping them fall asleep, taking time out to play with them…we are meeting a need for that child. They need us to recognize what their needs are and act accordingly!

Play with those babies, hold them, snuggle them, read them one more book. It’s little times like these when we realize how important we are to them, but even more so – how important they are to us. Screaming at me for an hour is a weird way to say that, but the snuggles and clinging to my arms makes it all worth it. So glad I slowed down yesterday, didn’t worry about “my other chores” and stayed in that room. He will only be this little for so long. I have to remember to take advantage of it when these opportunities present themselves. Time moves too quickly not to.


4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Little Blessing

  1. Do you think that maybe Paisley going to school now has him a little confused? He is not used to her being gone? I am glad you enjoyed the nap time together 🙂 ❤


  2. I used to hold my sleeping babies a lot! I’d even get them out of their cribs to hold and smooch on them. (shell thought I was cray cray!) Now my sleeping Grands! It is precious time! Can not ever go wrong with a good snuggle. In the blink of an eye, they are too big, too busy and out the door! ❤️


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