Our Life Lately

Everyone loves a good vacation. My least favorite part is returning home and getting back in to the routine. My motivation is lacking and my kiddos are a mess!

Today was a day like no other. Paisley woke up angry…pushing Carson, hitting, kicking and screaming. Seriously, this girl was from another planet today…and to top it all off she peed her pants outside. (Bath time for both kids! Yay!)

It has just been one of those days where I counted down the minutes until I could put the kids down for nap and cross something off my list that I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now!

If you guys follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen our latest DIY projects and the finished outcome. My #handyhubby struck again in a HUGE way these past few months. He built me a console table, an entry way table, and helped paint our kitchen and kitchen cabinets (we had 57 cabinet doors to paint…he’s a real winner for real!) So thankful for this guy!

Not a long post, but one we’ve had people requesting since things have been done. So here ya go friends!!

Kitchen before:

Kitchen After:

We went with the trim color for the white cabinets (thanks Moriah for having a handy dad with a paint sprayer!), charcoal blue for the island, and grey for the walls. Every time we walk in it feels so weird seeing it so light and airy! Loving the change.

My hubs also went on a carpentry kick and busted out this TV console and Entry Table (both plans can be found at ana-white.com) in a weekend. Our living room finally feels complete and put together. Loving these pieces and the man who made them!

What do you guys think?? Who else has that #handyhubby who will do just about anything their crazy, hormonal, pregnant wives ask? ha. Love ya babe!


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