Family Vacay!

Taking kids on trips is no easy task, especially when they are both 4 and under! But spending time with family for a week is well worth it. The connection that Paisley and Carson have to Brian’s family is so special. They have witnessed them grow to the kids they are today, much of that growth is credited to the example they set and the time they put in to helping raise each of my kids.

Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to spend time in Las Vegas and Suprise, AZ for a little R&R and BASEBALL!!

Many would wonder what one does with kids so young in Vegas, especially since we don’t drink or gamble…perfect vacation spot right?? ha. Nonetheless, we found some fabulous things to do that kept us busy for two days.

We started the trip off with a quick tour via Minivan (which I despise and regretfully admit that they are SUPER convenient, especially for road trips…but definitely not leaning towards the mom-van any time soon!). The kids fell asleep on the way to the hotel, so Brian and I drove around the strip and the old strip for a bit just to kill some time. First day was pretty chill, meeting up with the grandparents, uncle and aunts. We took the kiddos down Fremont street all while shielding them from those “working” the strip (and they were hard to miss! ha). Grandpa had found a container park, which sounded interesting but was exactly that…a park made out of shipping containers. There were slides, all sorts of building materials and a pretty fun interactive game for the kiddos…score one for us! The kids loved it and spent a good hour running around and exploring.

Fremont Street (cute smile right? ha)

Day 2 included a kid free exploration day for Brian and I. I’ll give you all 1 guess at where we went…it made my Engineer SUPER happy and he was able to nerd-out for a few hours!

Hoover Dam!! Seriously so impressive to see up close (although I vaguely remember a trip here as a kid, but seeing it again was great!)…and it was pretty cute to see the hubs all geeked-out, talking shop with the tour guides and giving my small social worker brain (ha) the details. He seriously was in heaven and was super bummed we the full tour was booked, but we were still able to see power plant portion. Just to think that 80 years ago men did what they did without the equipment workers have now is just amazing…and that is as massive and perfect as it is! It just blows my mind and I’m not sure I can truly appreciate all the effort.

While we adults enjoyed some Dam time, the kiddos went with everyone else to the Discovery Children’s Museum. Grandma said they were having a better day than we were, filled with water play, painting, building…all things exploratory for kids. It was close to where we stayed at the Main Street Hotel & Casino on the old strip and they were able to just walk over.

I have the luck of having a few relatives living and working in Las Vegas, so we were able to spend some time visiting with my uncle. He is a EMT Firefighter at Clark County Firefighter Station 33. This was probably the kids highlight of the trip (even though Paisley was TERRIFIED of the firetruck at first). We got to ride in the truck (around the block, until they got a call! ha) and hung out with “real firefighters” for the evening. They cooked us dinner and showed us around the station for a few hours. Super fun for the kids and also great to see my uncle!

We ended our trip with a walk down the main strip, soaking in the lights and all the people! ha. We trekked down to the Bellagio so the kids could enjoy the fountain show and headed back to the hotel. People probably thought we were nuts, walking AWAY from the strip at 9pm with our double stroller. ha. But they loved every minute of it. PS- If you do go on the strip with kids, just know there are a TON of pedestrian overpasses that you must take to cross the street. We found it was way easier to navigate from Bellagio back to the MGM grand walking on Las Vegas Blvd, on the Hollywood Casino and Paris Paris side of the street. PSS- The inside of Ceasear’s Palace is not as cool as I remembered…total let down. ha


The next morning was road trip day. It only took about 4/4.5 hours to get from Vegas to Surprise, with a stop in Kingman for lunch (which is literally the last place you can stop, so stop if you need gas or food!). Tracy and the rest of the gang would say that Brian almost killed us twice…but we made it in one piece. ha. And Paisley fought a nap until the last 40 minutes…of course.

If she were older she’d kill me! πŸ˜‰

A little tip for all you travelers with kids, if you are going to observe Spring Training or any type of similar trip, get a house! So much easier with kids than a hotel. Room to run and chill, plus they can nap and you can still do your own thing. Ours had a little bonus…a pool and the kids got in as soon as we got there! They swam EVERY day, even when it was a little chilly.

Now for the good part. If you are going to Spring Training, then you HAVE to take kids with you. Not because wrangling two kids for a 4 hour baseball game is fun, but for the fact that the players EAT IT UP! We got 5 balls thrown to us during one game, Paisley got to dance on the dugout in between each inning and they love to watch the game. There was an AMAZING park right next to the stadium, so before our two games we ate lunch there and let the kids play with fingers crossed that Carson would somehow miraculously take a nap during the 1 o’clock game times…and it worked! Paisley Β was tired and sat in her chair most of the game, and Carson gave us a solid 1.5 hour nap both days! It was perfect. Prepare to pay similar prices for food at the game and prepare to be somewhat disappointed that you may not get the autograph you wanted (the Worlds Classic was the same week we were in town, so many of the top players left halfway through one of the games to catch their flights). But all in all it was a good time. We would definitely do it again!

The last part of our Surprise trip was a walk through the “desert”. We ventured about 15 minutes from our house and found this hiking trail, that our BOB Stroller handled just fine. A little bit of rocks and bumps, but nothing too crazy. Some of the prettiest views and flowers, you wouldn’t think you’d see in the desert.


Loved spending the last week with family. There really is nothing better than escaping the normal routines of life and creating memories with those you love the most.



3 thoughts on “Family Vacay!

  1. Absolutely loved family vacation! ❀️Thanks for the “shoutout”…quick stop I wasn’t aware of in the backseat. Lol 😳


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