2017 Christmas Gifting Guide

With some input from the family, here is the Gettinger 2017 Gifting Guide (Check out the Valentine’s Day Round Up and last year’s guide for even more ideas)! And I have to start by promoting Ebates! If you do not have an account with them, but you online shop – you need to stop right now and sign up! It does not cost you anything. When you activate an account, add their Cash Back Assistant Button to your computer and anytime you are on a stores website it will notify you if you can earn cash back from that store! Plus at checkout, Ebates will let you know if there are any coupon codes for that site and will work through a number of ones to find you the best deal!

Another great program is Amazon Prime. When you first sign up, you have a 30 day free trial. Included is Amazon Music, movies and shows (my kids love this) and if you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot you can link your account and stream music, help with grocery lists, check the weather, stream Pandora and iHeart Radio, sports games, etc. PLUS 2 day FREE shipping – I think this is my favorite feature and well worth the $99 yearly fee.

For the Guys:

Brian had a limited list this year, but he realized that some new work threads were needed. He found some shirts that actually fit his tall and skinny self. Charles Tyrwhitt is the company and they are based out of London. Brian stated it was basically like picking out a custom-made shirt. They are offering all shirts for $29.95 (regularly they run over $100 each). If you have a guy who is hard to shop for, check these shirts out. Brian bought a few and has been rotating them through his work wardrobe. Super soft and he said they are long enough to stay tucked in! Just go here to get the deal.


For the Ladies:
I realized that the first item on this list is a pullover sweatshirt, that down here in Houston I will probably only wear once, but I love a good sweatshirt or cardigan so it makes the cut! Women love personalized gifts that have meaning. Find a good engravable necklace or bracelet and you will be set. I’ve added a couple of other items that are on my personal list, which hopefully will make my life a little bit easier!
For the kids, we wanted the “big” gifts to be things we could do as a family. Check out your area for kid friendly activities with memberships that you will do often. We focused on the local Children’s Museum and the Zoo.
We also like to play games as a family, so finding kid-friendly games was a must. We added Let’s Go FishingGo Fish, and Memory to the list.
For Little Girls:
This list is based off of what ideas our daughter Paisley had. She will be 5 in February, so adjust accordingly.
For Little Boys:
For the boys, our son Carson is 2, so this list might be a little young. But as noted, our daughter loves the Playmags equally as much – we have Magnatiles too and found that there is no noticeable difference between that brand and the Playmags brand – except the Playmags are half the price!
For the Babies:
And we cannot forget the babies. Our daughter recently turned 6 months old, and is getting more mobile and using her hands. We opted with toys that require interaction with us, as that is how she learns the best – parent/child interaction and modeling!

Obviously this list is not exhaustive, but it gives you a pretty good head start. What are some of your favorites you have on your list? I love focusing on STEM toys for the kids – so if you have some good ones let me know!


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