A Week in Paradise- Puerto Vallarta

This year I turned 30. It sounds like such a big, scary number! I am no longer in my 20s, but I have a ton of life experiences to look forward to. Pretty sure someone said 30 is the new 20, so I am going with that. It makes me feel better! ha.

For my birthday this year, Brian came up HUGE! This trip was supposed to be a surprise, but anyone who knows my husband knows that he is horrible at keeping things a secret. I mean, this guy kaboshed his own engagement proposal plan 2 weeks early because he ‘just couldn’t wait’. He seriously is horrible at keeping secrets, but this ‘secret trip’ was super fun to plan with him. The week was incredibly relaxing and went by way too quickly, which I feel is always the case when you are doing something enjoyable.

We had the right amount of adventure mixed with relaxation. Just looking back at these pictures makes me want to go again…right now! A friend told me to be sure I took and shared a million pictures of our trip, so here ya go girl! A recap of the condo we stayed, the restaurants we ate at, and the adventures we went on.


First off, the condo we rented was AMAZING!!! Front views of the beach and ocean, back views of the city and mountains. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, gorgeous kitchen and living area. I mean, just breathtaking! From the moment we arrived at the condo, we knew this week was going to be great! How could it not with this view?

B&K Patio

Back Patio 2

KG Patio


First day was spent hanging in the condo and exploring the Malecon- basically the downtown boardwalk area. Download the Uber app. It was a lifesaver, and wasn’t very pricey. We could get from our condo to the Malecon for about $3. The Malecon is filled with restaurants right along or on the beach, shops and plenty of live entertainment.


We decided to eat dinner at the condo- making our own taco and guacamole bar. A little more exploring near the condo and evening beach walk wrapped up day one.

Night time Pool

Day two was supposed to be our Los Veranos Canopy Tour day, but due to rescheduling we spent the day lounging around by the pool. With an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, comfy cabana chairs and a good book I was not disappointed.

KG Reading

BG Pool

Day three began like day two ended, at least for the girls. Some more book time by the pool- my kind of life! Brian and Brad went on a deep sea fishing jaunt with Fishing Rebels (and apparently a mini artistic photo shoot for Brian. haha)


Nothing to write home about, other than it was a blast. But this is the biggest thing they caught all morning!

BG Fishing

It is always nice to explore on your own, and we also made the right choice when signing up for a walking tour. It allowed us to see the city from a local’s eyes. We went with Sylvie who runs the “Power Walk the Hidden Streets of Puerto Vallarta”. She was super professional and very knowledgeable about not only the city of Puerto Vallarta, but provided some great places to eat and more ins and outs of being a tourist.


The tour did start kind of ‘slow’ in the sense that there were a lot of stops and talking, but we learned a lot about the city, its history and met a few locals who run shops and art galleries. The ‘power walking’ title is not due to the speed, but to the hills. The trek is steep, but the end view is worth it! Such a gorgeous view from the top.


The tour ends in an area past the Malecon where you eat lunch (provided) at a restaurant in a quiet park. You can make your way to the boardwalk, which eventually connects to the Malecon boardwalk. A nice relaxing beach walk back to the condo after conquering some hills.

For dinner that night we ate at Pipi’s, a recommended restaurant from Bryce! Way to not disappoint. ha! They have a live band that plays customer requests table side, some of the best guacamole and huge portions. A nice ending to the day!


The first thing I wanted to do when I heard we were planning a beach vacation was to go ziplining. (Apparently I am a big talker when it comes to trying adrenaline-rush type activities.) We signed up with Los Veranos Canopy TourΒ and I this was my favorite day of the trip! We had a blast during the entire experience- first the boat ride to the island (a must!), the truck ride to the ziplines, and the ziplines themselves.

Boat Ride

These next few pictures are from La Playa de Tomatillos- the dock after the boat ride, prior to getting on the truck which takes you to the ziplines. All of this was included in the fee we paid to Los Veranos. All 6 of us were saying that we needed to go back to Puerto Vallarta just to stay at La Playa de Tomatillos. It looked like a scene from a movie. Just stunning.


The setting of Los Veranos was amazing. High up in the mountains, lush green trees. The staff were caring and funny, made you feel at ease, and ensured you felt safe. They provided pictures and DVD footage from Go Pros used throughout the runs. Seriously so fun!


We took the boat ride back as well and it stops at Los Arcos. Just some more stunning natural architecture in Puerto Vallarta. Seriously, from the morning to the afternoon this day was a blast!


To end our day, and really the trip, each couple went on a solo date night. Brian and I chose to go to the Food Truck Park. A new, more urban part of the city. Numerous food truck options (including ice cream!) all within walking distance of the condo. The food we went with was not typical mexican- after 5 days we needed a change of scenery! We both went with sushi as our entree and some bruschetta for a starter. Portions were large and it was a very relaxed atmosphere.

I was seriously spoiled this entire trip. We could not have had better weather or company. The pictures below are from our ‘fancy’ dinner. It is out of order, but definitely deserved to be the last images presented. We walked the beach to eat at La Palapa. If you go to Puerto Vallarta this needs to be one of your meals, just for the sunset view. Be sure to request a beach table. The food was fantastic, but the view is stunning. There is nothing better than relaxing with friends, toes in the sand, watching the sunset and listening to the waves roll in.

We are already planning next year’s trip! Who wants an invite?