What Mom on Trend Means


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Growing up, my brother always used to say “if you look good, you play good”. For whatever reason, this has kind of stuck with me. It is even more so now as a mom, that I have noticed when I physically look good, I feel better, I mom better, I wife better.

Some people may call that superficial or prideful, but for me it is the honest truth. I am more productive when I take a shower and get ready in the morning, or when I feel like I look good. One of the biggest lessons I learned since becoming a mom is how important it is for me to take care of myself. It’s funny the things we learn about ourselves when we stop to analyze the past. Since having children, I feel like I lost a part of who I was- I am a chameleon through and through, so if there is another person present, I put most of my efforts into them. Hence, the lack of effort I put into myself in exchange for pouring my heart out for my hubby and three amazing children.

This blog has always been a place for me to put my feelings on “paper”. It allowed me to get things off my chest and start fresh. It became a space for me to self-reflect on past experiences and improve upon mistakes. This new shiftΒ in my life has not only allowed me to reconnect with friends, but has lead me to discover new things about myself. I love my social work side and all the knowledge it has brought me. I geet excited to go live in my group and share my knowledge each week. It not only is helping those tuning in, but I can already notice a change in my parenting style and my level of calm during the day.

When I sat around with Brian at the beginning of this ‘blog thing’, chatting about what I would name it (which is probably THE most stressful part of a blog!), he asked me what I was interested in. I am HORRIBLE at pointing out positive features of myself, so this was a struggle. At the time I had just started selling Stella & Dot accessories, had been a stay at home mom for about 6 months, and we were in the middle of a cross country move. We settled on the name Mom on Trend and it kind of stuck. After all this time, I think I finally know why I liked it!

When I think about the word ‘trend’, I always picture those people who seem to have it all put together. From their hair, to their clothes, to the way the carry themselves- they just seem perfect and with it. Something about them just draws me in and makes me want to learn more.

I figured I would take this ‘on trend’ train of thought and run with it.

Here is what you will expect to find throughout the blog now: a mom who is up with the times, who is ‘on trend’. A mom who is ‘with it’, in all aspects of pieces I am going to share. You will see posts about Maskcara, and how quick and easy it is to look put together. You will see posts about simple mom fashion ideas (like this one!), with links to where you can find pieces I own, as well as good deals and steals! You will see posts about different parenting techniques and activities to do with your children- all tying in to what is ‘in’ right now in therapy and social work, positive parenting techniques. You will see posts about what is going on in my life, how I struggle through trials and relish in joyous times.

Why am I sharing all this with you, you ask? Because I feel like I need to let you know where this shift is coming from. To me, Mom on Trend means a mom that is current with the times, she knows who she is, how to be her best self, and everything in between. It is not only important to be ‘on trend’ with fashion, makeup and other beauty topics- for me it is being ‘on trend’ with all things in life. Most importantly for me, that means being ‘on trend’ for my family.

As silly as this sounds, when I look good I ‘play’ good- I mom good, I wife good, I take care of myself good. I doubt my brother had any idea this phrase would stick with me as closely as it has, as we sat outside getting ready for soccer games making sure our laces were criss-crossed just right around our ankles. We all need to take advice from my ‘back then 11 year old’ older brother. Find something that makes you look good, so you can play good.

You deserve to play good and feel good about it! Find what helps you become ‘on trend’ in your life and run with it. You’ll be glad you did.