Mom Fashion Friday

Another week flew by! I am excited it is already Friday, but at the same time I cannot believe it went this fast. I not only have some Mom Fashion deals to share, but I have a new kid site that Paisley has partnered with that carries SUPER cute and hand sewn designs for both boys and girls. A special code will give you 15% off your order – check for it in the Chocolate Soup Brand section of this post.

As you know, I LOVE Pink Blush. They have both women’s wear and maternity wear. Most of the maternity wear can be worn post-partum, which makes me love them even more. It is so easy to transition the pieces from bump to baby! This floral peplum shirt is my new fave. It hides the belly so nicely and is a great length on me. I’m 5’7″ and it hits perfectly. I have the coral version, but it also comes in a blue and black color.

Some other favorites from Pink Blush I have already posted about, and you can find them here and here. I have this Navy Maxi dress, but I do not have pictures of it yet. Super comfy, hits the floor (which is one of the main reasons why I love it) and nursing friendly!

Another new company that I have found is Poppy & Dot! I am waiting on my first piece from them, but found a bunch of simple and cute (and reasonably priced!) pieces. I am loving the Midi Dress for an upcoming wedding I have this fall. I think the navy color would be perfect! It is under $50 and has pockets! PLUS if you shop their main site and enter the code kallieG10 you will get 10% off your order! win-win! When I get my pieces in, I’ll be sure to take some pictures for you all!

Dress 3

Last one today is a new kid’s line that I recently discovered. The creator of this shop, Brittany, and I went to high school together. (Check her out on Instagram here) Paisley was chosen as a brand rep and received the CUTEST peplum tee with her name embroidered on it!

I also just purchased this KC Birdie Tee and this Be Royal Tee! Even though we are California peeps now and soon to be Texas peeps…she will always be a KC girl at heart! Check out Chocolate Soup Brand and use the code PAISLEY15 to get 15% off your order.

I keep finding good boutiques and shops on Facebook (partially thanks to Casey and Shay!), so I will be sure to highlight them when I find them…mainly so I do not feel guilty being the ONLY one spending all the money! You have to suffer along with me, with all these cute clothes! haha

Happy Friday all!


Fashion Friday

Switching gears a bit this post – there are just too many good deals from Stella & Dot to NOT call attention to!

Twice a year Stella & Dot does a “cleaning” of certain styles, which puts them on the retiring list! That time of the year is NOW! 15% of our line will be retired in order to make room for the new line launch in July! Starting today through May 30th these retiring styles are on MEGA sale…I cannot believe the deals they are having PLUS it’s Dot Dollar time! For every $50 you spend now, you get $25 off $50 to redeem later.

Dot Dollars May 2017

This isn’t even the most exciting part…I am having a Mystery Hostess show right now through Tuesday the 23rd. Any order placed earns an entry to win ALL the hostess rewards (which are currently at $252 in free goodies and 4 half off items!). More orders = bigger rewards! You can shop that show link here (click sale tab to see all the amazing deals!!!) and all the items I am linking in the pictures today are linked through the show. If you see something snag it up, because it might not be around for long!

PS – WAY more styles online than I’m highlighting…obviously. These are a few of my favorites that are on sale!

Brio Tassel

Brio Tassel Necklace reduced from $69 to $41.40

Collage Statement Necklace

Collage Statement Necklace reduced from $198 to $133

Alila Chandeliers

Alila Chandelier Earrings reduced from $44 to $26

Finish the look with the matching Alila Cuff reduced from $98 to $48


Black Arc Pendant Necklace

Black Arc Pendant Necklace reduced from $59 to $35

Relic Ring, Pave Horn Ring, Mia Collar, Black Arc Pendant

Relic Ring reduced from $29 to $14
Pave Horn Ring reduced from $39 to $23
Mia Collar reduced from $39 to $23
Black Arc Pendant necklace reduced from $59 to $35

New Moon Necklace, Cage Cuff

New Moon Necklace reduced from $59 to $35
Cage Cuff – Gold reduced from $44 to $28

Pouf Slim - Black and Gold

Slim Pouf – Black and Gold reduced from $25 to $15

Bridge Bracelet and Ring

Bridge Bracelet and Ring reduced from $44 to $28

Tribal Tassel

Tribal Tassel Necklace reduced from $169 to $55

This weekend only there is an additional 25% off the sale prices. Don’t forget to shop through the Mystery Hostess link here to earn an entry to win all the goodies (Currently sitting at $252 in free product plus 4 half off items!)

Happy Shopping!!



Fashion Friday



Outfit Details:
On Kallie
Pink Blush Wrap Dress, c/o | Stella & Dot Bracelets {here, here and here} | Fitbit
On Paisley
Target Dress {exact one is from last year. Similar style here} | Cardigan | Mary Jane Flats

So I failed at getting this post up in a consistent and timely manner…surprise…BUT here is the second edition of my Mom Fashion Friday! I am continuing to improve my posting consistency, and for some reason I go in spurts! I promise it will get better. HA!

It’s getting a little harder to feel comfortable with this gigantic belly – 37 weeks in this photo – but we are getting more and more excited to meet our baby girl!

I’ve wanted a floral wrap dress for a while now and finally found one that I love. It’s the perfect light blue color AND it is long enough for my 5 foot 7 frame. Super comfy and thick (no extra layers! woohoo). My favorite aspect is that I can wear it after I have baby too. Perfect for nursing and beyond.

I had to share Paisley’s style too! She specifically asked to have her picture taken – and that I got some of her twirling! (She poses WAY better than I do and I probably need to take tips on twirling from her!)

I hope you guys are enjoying this type of post. Let me know your thoughts!! Happy Friday All!


Holiday Gifting Guide

As much as I like to focus on serving others and spending time with family, I can’t ignore the fact that there is somewhat of a focus on gifting. I’ve found a few items that I love, my kids love and the hubs loves to make your shopping that much easier! With less than 4 weeks to get the goodies, hop to it people!

For the kiddos: I’m all about educational items, with a huge emphasis on educational toys right now. I love the fact that the kids play and learn at the same time. Paisley has been a fantastic test kid with a few of these products, and will be a future tester on some others.

  • Magnatiles: I first discovered these when I worked in preschools. These are amazing! With their different shapes and sizes, along with the “magical” magnetic abilities, Paisley can play and build with these for days. We also found a comparable, but less expensive version of these magnetic shape blocks, called Playmags. They work the same way, are compatible with Magnatiles and are a bit cheaper on the wallet!
  • Osmo: This company claims to “take play beyond the screen” and I am excited to try it out. Many kids these days are glued to screens, and this game incorporates math, reading, writing, and imagination into play-learning. Kiddos age 5-12 should look towards the Genius kit. For my 3 year old, we are leaning towards the Creative kit.
  • Boogie Board Play n Trace: My daughter loves drawing and writing, especially on her Magnadoodle. I looked everywhere for an updated one and wasn’t impressed. But we found this beauty at Staples one day and Amazon happens to carry it too! You can even buy different activity packs that enhance the fun (here’s the link to the Numbers and Letters version).
  • Code A Pillar: This little guy is something we have yet to try. Hoping to test it out soon though. Each piece makes him move a certain way (left, right, 90 degree turns, etc). Kiddos can link the pieces together and then create tunnels or a maze to test out their skills. There are expansion packs which can add to the fun and increase the challenge!
  • Latches Wooden Activity Board: Carson is all about unlocking, turning lights on and off, etc. The fun stage with babies (that and the dumping stage! ha). There are ways to make these DIY style, but Brian and I opted for this Melissa & Doug version. So excited for it to come in!
  • Wooden Geometric Stacker: I am digging this stacker. It comes with multiple shapes and colors and is a bit of a puzzle. There are grooves on the pieces that challenge kiddos to fit them just right, so they lay flat. LOVE LOVE LOVE this for Carson!
  •  Poppin Pals: These babies have been around FOREVER, but offer so many skills for the little ones to learn. Cause and effect, fine motor skills, and anticipatory skills. There are a bunch of different versions on Amazon. Check them out.
  • Board Games: There are so many different interactive/cooperative games for young children out there. All teach some version of turn taking, some are color recognition, counting, pattern recognition and memory. Monday night board game play at our house usually includes Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, or Frozen Surprise Slides Game

Most of these links will take you to Amazon, so if you have Amazon Prime you can order them today and get them by Thursday! With free shipping! And still in plenty of time for Christmas. And if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you are missing out…best investment ever! ha

For the Hubs: Brian is by far the hardest person to shop for. He rarely wants things, and when he does they are usually pricey (the past few years he’s wanted a boat…for real…). I have found a few items he doesn’t have though that will make any guy happy!

  • Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2: He has been looking for a good pair of bluetooth headphones that don’t break the bank. After doing some research and comparing brands, I found these. They rank 2nd to Beats, and have a few knocks on their rating because the noise canceling isn’t “as good” as the Beats version. But coming in less than $250 compared to Beats at almost $400, I opted for these. He couldn’t wait and has tried them out, super impressed so far. (I did order them directly from Plantronics website because they were sold out on Amazon)
  • Dry Cleaning: With 2 kids, one of which still a slobbery mess, Brian gets frustrated when his suits get covered in food or goobers. I decided to treat him this year and get both of his suits dry-cleaned (which should have happened FOREVER ago, but let’s be real…who has time for that??). Go to your local dry cleaner to freshen up those pieces you can’t just throw in the steam cycle
  • Genuine Leather Wallet: Even though this is advertised on my Stella & Dot site, I feel it is masculine and slim enough for any man. I love the black leather paired with the midnight suede. Add a bit of gold detail to finish it off.

For Her: A few things I want or have plus a few anyone will enjoy getting.

  • Diamond Initial Necklace: What girl doesn’t love diamonds? And if yours is a little more edgy, opt for the Black Diamond version. Whether you choose one for her name, her new last name, or get one for each of her kids she will love it. Initial necklace are the latest trend in #momwear, replacing the engravable, or Pandora-type charm bracelet.
  • Genuine Leather Bag: I have two I’m currently loving right now, the Covet Waverly  Bag and the Covet Sunday Bag. Both can be worn two different ways: the Waverly as a clutch. Just remove the strap for a small clutch for fancy evenings. The Sunday Bag as a long crossbody or a short shoulder bag. Just adjust the strap to change the length.
  • Amazon Echo: I love having music playing in the background when I’m cleaning or folding laundry. The Amazon Echo is sleek and responds to your voice. Although she does WAY more than just play music, that is the feature I am most excited about using!
  • Over the Knee Boots: So I have yet to hop on this trend but I SO want to (can a preggers pull off OTK boots??). I love my booties and love my riding boots, but every time I see my girl Shannon (check out her blog here or follow her @shannonwillardson on Instagram) in a pair I am so envious! Here’s her post about her fave pair. PS- If you want fashion advice, you NEED to follow her. Her style is so simple and she uses everyday pieces, which I love.

Obviously this list is not exhaustive, but just a few fun ideas to get those last minute brains going. There are only 13 more days until Christmas, so hop online and do some shopping for those who you love!

Happy Shopping All!


What’s the Catch?

A few weeks ago I saw a meme/video on Facebook that poked fun at the amount of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Sales companies. The gist of it was that people are so sick and tired of being invited to Facebook events, and added to groups of their friends who have taken the brave step to host a show or sign up to sell a product they love and believe in. These range from Stella & Dot, Younique, DotTerra and Beachbody. I myself am an Associate Stylist for Stella & Dot and have many friends and family members who represent other brands.

The real problem I had was not the video itself, but all the comments associated with the video. These ranged from positive to negative comments, but the ones that truly got to me were the mean, hateful and down right rude comments. Seriously, people need to learn the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Even on the internet. Everyone has a little more courage behind a screen and most would never say those comments to a person’s face.

I wanted to write a little plug for all those who have made the decision to sign up with a company, and for all those who fully support them. Direct sales companies have a very negative view to the general public. Pyramid schemes sound so negative. I was looking for some funny memes to add to this and typed in multi level marketing meme…almost 90% of what I saw was negative. I figure it’s time to break my silence and give you the flip side of a direct sales company, from someone who was that person ignoring the requests to join groups, declining invitations to host and had thoughts similar to “why would I pay for something I could by elsewhere, just so you get to make more money?”

Stella & Dot is the second direct sales company I joined, and I use that lightly. I don’t count my week long, very poor decision to sign up for Mary Kay. The pitch got me and it was hard to say no. I can laugh now, but LBH, to sell MK you have to like doing makeup, or at least be good at it…which I am neither! But hey I received a ton of goodies that I used, so at least there’s that. 

I was VERY hesitant to sign up for S&D, and Brian was even more against the notion (seeing how terribly the whole MK thing went). We had a long sit down about my decision and made a spreadsheet (I know, shocker right??) of the potential cost, my goals, where I wanted to be within the company and how I would achieve that. My upline, who is the BTW and an old Chi O friend, messaged me multiple times for about 2 months dangling more carrots with each message 😉. Still, even though I loved the products and saw the potential, I struggled to pull the trigger. This is WAY out of my comfort zone and would challenge me in ways I wasn’t sure I would enjoy.

During the time I was considering signing up, we were going through some major changes as a family. We recently welcomed Carson into the world, I quit my full-time job to stay at home…oh and there was that cross-country move we were making. Starting this adventure would mean having to be social! And talk to people I didn’t know! (My introverted-self is sweating right now just thinking about it. ha) But seriously, it was the one thing that was holding me back. Could I actually do it? Could I ask my friends to host? My family to host? My facebook “friends”? People I hadn’t talked to in years? I still feel this way, even with strangers. Then you realize that I wouldn’t be doing my job, I wouldn’t be growing and challenging myself as planned. So I did. And continue to do. 

But for real, this is how we know you all feel!

Every person who begins a direct sales position has these questions go through their head, and ultimately has to decide how important their “why” is. If your why is important, then you just do it. If people say no, who cares. Move on. No harm done. Now this took me a long time to learn and be okay with. If you read my previous post about personality profiles, you will know I am a chameleon. Pleasing others is my number one goal in life. When I approach people with the opportunity to host or join, I want them to see the joy that I have experienced with this group of women I am now connected with. And when they say “not now” or “no thanks”, I feel like I have offended them…even though there is absolutely no reason to feel that way!
Once you join a direct sales company, you go through a paradigm shift. Mine went from “why would I give this person money?” to “I would love to support you get closer to your why”. The tribe that I am connected with are my best cheerleaders (and yes I acknowledge that they want me to do well, so they in turn make more money, etc. but it’s not even about that anymore). They are there to help me problem solve my struggles, to help me overcome my introverted-ness, to make me feel the fear and do it anyway, to change me for the better, to help me grow in confidence. We all share our dreams, our why, our goals with each other. We work as a team to empower each other and to do our best to help others achieve those goals.

Excuse the blurriness. I am a remote Glitter Girl with no other pictures of me and my team!

It isn’t all about the money, that is nice, and the jewels are nice, too. But being a stay at home mom prior to signing up, I felt lost. I felt that my worth had diminished a bit, since I wasn’t working and having daily challenges. I wasn’t making and  surpassing goals. It was a weird feeling for me, and I wasn’t sure why I didn’t feel okay with it. 

Brian has been the best support system in this crazy few 8 months (and the best business agent. ha. And he was totally okay with me “just” being a stay at home mom, I say that lightly as we know SAHMs work hard, as do working mothers). He has reached out to his friends on my behalf. He has hosted his own show to make sure his buddies were being good hubbies and boyfriends. He has shared my posts on his page. He has been okay with me memorizing our credit card number 🙈. He is my biggest support. 

But in the end I do this for me. It is a chance for me to have a schedule, to feel normal, to set monthly goals (and crush them!), to live uncomfortable, to grow my confidence, to help out financially (California is heck’a expensive!!),  to have fun. It’s my way of providing for my family, focusing on me first (it’s all about that self-care!) and channeling that energy and feelings of accomplishment into my life as a wife and mother. I get to meet new women who I help have a fun girl’s night in and foster/strengthen relationships with their friends. I get to introduce women to something that might be life-changing for them. I get to help someone find purpose.

I know the multiple invites and number of companies out there will continue to grow, but before you roll your eyes and laugh at another group, remember that we are people, too. That the hesitation and fear we have to send the invite is HUGE. That the negative perception about our company is recognized, but we are working to change that. That we are just women and men who are trying something new, who are tired of working a 9-5 job, who are not entirely in it for the money, or who may be in it for the money.


I am a women who wants to stay home and raise her children, at the expense of growing my career as a social worker, and also realizes that I have found something that can help ease the burden my husband feels every months-end we sit down and figure out why we went over budget again. I am someone who has reached out to close friends and family, to “friends”, to people I have never met prior to the night of the show, and to those I meet virtually through my shows. Everyone’s why is different and until you fully understand that, simply reply with “no thanks”, “not now”, or “that sounds amazing”.

We understand the negative aspects of our chosen business model, one would be naive to say they had no idea. We realize it can be repetitive, but common courtesy is appreciated. If you get added to a group or event and don’t wish to be in it, simply leave the group. No hard feelings either way, and most of my hostesses acknowledge that with their first posts. They are inviting those they feel would absolutely love the products and need a reason to treat themselves.

I have a few thank you’s to give and I won’t name names, as I will likely forget some and would feel terrible (cue Chameleon traits!), so I figured I’d end it like this:

To all those I have bugged with multiple Facebook messages, texts, emails, phone calls, and posts, THANK YOU. You are what makes my business work. For all those who have shared my posts or liked my posts, THANK YOU. You are what spreads my business to new people. To those of you who have purchased from me or hosted, THANK YOU. You are what gets me closer to my monthly goals, and closer to my updated why (ask me if you’d like to know!) Thank you all for the support as I continue with this crazy adventure. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. I’d love to chat.


And as always, thanks for reading!